Friday, June 5, 2009

update on my son jacob

well i am excited our son jacob will be going on to the sixth grade next year and at our iep meeing today we all decided to help jacob that he will be going to baywood school next year which will be better for him all the way around. As i have learned you need to fight for the rights of your kids and do not give up liz

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hi my name is liz and i am married with two boys living near the ocean in calif. Jacob is in fifth grade and will be 12 in november and was diagnosed at the end of first grade with adhd and ocd and is on medication for that as well as having an iep set in place at school and sees the rsp teacher to help him get his work done. Also we have kristopher who will be three in september and we call him our surprise child the only thing he is not doing for his age is talking and communicating but he does everything else a two year old does. also i am a sahm who likes to scrapbook watch sports on tv and take picture of my boys and nature